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Real Simple: End of Summer Dinner

This weekend is the last weekend before Fall officially sets in on the east coast. In other parts of the US, the dates that demarcate the changing of seasons can seem arbitrary. But in New York City, a few weeks after the school year begins, and Fall arrives, the weather, the air, and the wind really do change and make it feel like autumn.

So what does the end of summer mean for food or, more specifically, for me, as an ingredient-obsessed cook? Well, for one thing, it means I better get in my fair share of tomatoes before I mourn their disappearance and I can only find them in cans or my freezer. After I made this pasta from the Smitten Kitchen blog last weekend, I could not stop lusting for tomatoes that taste so candy-sweet all on their own!

I kept this dish real simple - roughly chopped heirloom beauties, basil from our pot on the sill, garlic, fresh corn (because that will be done soon, too), peppery olive oil and fresh burrata. And I think I would have been happy to eat it with…

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