Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Apologies, Ripe Readers

I must apologize to my readers for my lack of updates these days. My most recent excuse, however, is that I'm grossly sweaty and sick in bed. So because I have no appetite, the cooking and baking have been less than prolific in the past week.
However, just because I've had no interest in food doesn't mean I shouldn't be posting! How ridiculous! Part of why I started this blog was to propagate the positives associated with buying and eating local, seasonal, organic food (it's not only great tasting and good for you, but also a healthy way to stay connected to where your food comes from and promote local agribusiness). Moreover, another reason I started this blog was to shed light on the benefits of herbs, and I realize that until now I haven't been writing about herbs at all!
My passion for cooking and eating local and seasonal foods is complemented by my interest in herbology. In a time when pharmaceutical companies have convinced us that natural is not the way to go, it is important to remember that herbs were the original healers and soothers, and still can have powerful healing abilities.
So as I'm in bed, gross, with sore throat and painful cough, I will share a wonderful soothing remedy for sore throats. All of the ingredients can either be found at your local natural or bulk foods store or through online catalogs, such as Frontier coop or Sure, many have heard of the ol' hot toddy. Toddies are good, too, but basic herbal concoctions are simpler in a really great way. Check out what I call Throat Tea:

1/2 T slippery elm bark
1 t wild cherry bark
1/2 T licorice root

Place ingredients in a tea ball or directly in a pot of boiling water. Steep 5 minutes or longer (longer=stronger). If using tea ball, remove, and drink. If herbs were in water, pour tea through a sieve into your mug. Repeat as many times as needed throughout the day.

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  1. I didn't even know you're sick! Feel better sweet pea!