Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hopefully back, to stay

I'm not even going to make excuses or explain myself. The point is, I'm back at blogging, and hopefully it will last. I will admit, I've never before had a "gadget" that has made me feel cool. That changed yesterday when I upgraded to a new iphone. Honestly, even with my old phone that could barely make phone calls without freezing or shutting down completely, I did not understand the hype about a fast, able-to-do-everything phone. And now I have seen the light. I see the light. And I think it's going to make blogging a heck of a lot easier, since the camera on this thing is rad!

I'll start small with my reentry to the blogosphere. Tonight's dinner was inspired by a feeling of self-initiated competition with a friend who notoriously eats almost every meal out and never cooks. When I asked if she'd like to join Mr. Ripe and me out for dinner, she informed me she is trying to "save money" and would tonight be dining in, cooking. After this exchange, I had a surge of determination to not go out, either.

On Thursday, I made delicious lentils as a side dish for our meal, but they were barely touched with everything else on the plate. Same with the brown rice. I leafed through several vegetarian cook books, and finally felt ready to attack dinner: Salad bar! With lentils and rice as a base. You can really make salad supper with any veggies and protein in your fridge; I went with lentils and hard boiled eggs as my protein, and slivered celery, grated carrots, red onion, avocado, cukes, and marinated artichoke hearts as my veggies. Then I whipped up a simple vinaigrette - dijon mustard, red wine vin., balsamic, olive oil and salt and pepper. Tossed together with the rice, and this salad was a meal in itself.
It's easy, requires minimal prep, and everyone in the house can make their own in their own bowl, adding as much or as little of each ingredient and dressing as they wish. And now I feel like a winner.

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  1. looks soo good! i am on week four of bringing my food to work (so not eating out 3x a day like i used to) and i feel great! and less poor! it's simple dishes like this though that make that possible. thinking of you lady!!