Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quickle Pickle!

So our CSA started up again last week, and we got some awesome veggies. You know, it's not even that I even care exactly what comes in the box. It is just so refreshing to eat fruits and vegetables that taste as they should. Someone in my grad program told me she likes it when carrots taste like water, not like earth. Carrots are not supposed to taste like water! Is this what we've come to? People appreciate fruits and vegetables when they taste like NOTHING? This is the sad truth of the reality big agribusiness has created. Human beings are victims, fooled into thinking they actually enjoy tasteless produce with which they feel no connection. Truly outrageous.
As you can tell, I'm real happy our first CSA box was ready for pickup last week. There's something to eating vegetables as they are, without trying to cover the true taste and texture of the original. Maybe that's why I love California cooking, and what sets it above the rest. In New York, the food tastes good, but not in a way that really lets the ingredients shine on their own. I mean, that's understandable considering that for a large chunk of the year, there is no growing season. Produce is imported from near and far, and maybe it loses that specialness you can only get from fresh, local produce. It feels like an honor to cook with and eat fresh vegetables that taste as they should, and not like water!

Tonight I made a mild pickle of farm-fresh breakfast radishes and salad turnips. I sliced 10 radishes and 3 turnips thinly with the mandoline, and refridgerated them in this vinegar recipe for 15 minutes. Results=delicious!

Vinegar recipe
1/4 c brown rice wine vinegar
3 T apple cider vinegar
1/4 c water
2 T sugar
sprinkle of salt

Bring all ingredients to a boil, then cool to room temperature. Pour over veggies and refridgerate.

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