Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Veggie Curry with Rice Noodles

While I was really into my series, "how to eat cheap and alone," tonight's dinner made use of a bunch of farmers market produce that was sitting in the fridge just dying to get used. I had to cook it for fear of not using it soon enough! So this is more like dinner for 4, or for 1 with leftovers (which is how I will be using it).

In tonight's curry, I attempted to cook with half of a cup of simple peanut sauce I made on Sunday and neglected to use (peanut butter, mirin, soy sauce, and chopped fresh cayenne pepper, all whisked up). I added this peanut sauce to onion and garlic being sauteed in butter along with added chopped orange squash, an ear of corn kernels, and carola potatoes. After I added the peanut sauce, in went one chopped tomato, light coconut milk, orange cauliflower, and spinach. Spices were thrown in without measurement: mustard seeds, garam masala, fennel seeds, cumin, paprika, and whole black pepper. I stirred. I covered. I sat down for 15 minutes. I came back and boiled water for rice noodles (though this curry could easily be served atop rice or regular pasta) and allowed the curry to simmer uncovered. When the rice noodles were done, so was the curry.

This dish was brightly colored (see for yourself!), pungent, fresh. I will admit, I even saw a little green worm crawl off of the cutting board. For you insect-phobic people, this is a good thing! If the worms want to eat our food and survive, it means it's safe, it's tasty, it's pesticide free! These are positive qualities of our food!

I sat down at my dining room table, added torn pieces of fresh basil and mint to my bowl of rice noodles and curry, and topped it off with sriracha. And I ate until there was nothing left in my bowl. The end.

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