Friday, April 2, 2010

Did I already say I love California?

Yesterday's short trip to the North Berkeley Farmer's Market yielded some results, but not much. I didn't remember that market being so small! But it's just the beginning of spring, I'm sure it will grow as the season progresses. I returned home with two bags of greens from Happy Boy Farms: one of flowery salad mix, and one of prewashed mixed greens to cook, including escarole, kale, and chard. Matt happened to have some baby artichokes in the fridge, you know, so small they don't even have chokes yet, so you can peel off the darker green leaves, slice the remains, and chow down once sauteed or roasted.

So, this morning for breakfast, I made something so green it makes me smile to just look down at my plate and, although my camera-to-computer link is at home (boo), I took some less-good photos to share with you, just so you can have a picture to this glorious description. Greens *lightly* sauteed in garlic with sliced baby artichokes, served with scrambled eggs. Who could ask for anything else?

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