Thursday, April 1, 2010

And an easy second Passover recipe

I write this post from Oakland, CA, where it is nice and sunny. I'm about to leave for a Berkeley farmer's market to get some grain-free dinner supplies as I attempt to keep Passover in the region with the best food in America. I think it'll be an organic chicken sausage night, with some quinoa pilaf and baby artichokes (that's what we've gotten so far), but we'll see what we can scrounge up at the market.
Anyway, as I promised, here is recipe #2 of kosher for passover cookies.

This is the simplest French Macaron recipe in the world. You may think it's cheating, but it's flawless. I've made these with ground almonds before and just didn't get the same results. So call me what you will, but these are perfect, and will also garner the love and compliments from your friends just as the previous recipe did, I'm sure.

Simple Almond Macaroons, the easy way
7 oz almond paste
scant 2/3 c sugar
2 egg whites
Apricot jam

Combine ingredients in food processor. With rubber spatula or wooden spoon, scoop dough into pastry bag or large food-grade plastic bag with a very small hole cut in one corner. Squeeze all dough to where you want it, and twist bag at the top. Twist/squeeze bag from the top, as in, not near the hole, to spiral small circles of dough onto parchment-lined baking sheets. Try to make them about the same size. I start by outlining a circle and filling it in until I reach the center. Bake sheets for about 10 minutes, until just golden, not brown. Let cool on sheet, then remove to plate. Put a small dollop (less is more) of jam onto half of the cookies, and sandwich with the other half.

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