Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think this is #100...

I think this may be my 100th post. I am not certain, and honestly it's not a huge deal or anything. I have no "honorary 100th recipe". Nope nope. All I have is my breakfast from yesterday morning. Simple, light, and satisfying. Take it or leave it. And then I have to finish editing this paper.

These are slightly tangy, wonderful light pancakes. I love cottage cheese, and the curds sort of melt, but do not become stringy. The texture is not unlike regular pancake texture, they just feel better than regular pancakes. I made mine silver-dollar sized, because the batter tends to be a bit more watery than pancake batter, and this smaller size flips in one piece more easily than larger ones.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes (thank you Anna Thomas)

2 c small curd cottage cheese
2 eggs
3 T whole wheat flour
dash salt
dash agave nectar
dash cinnamon

Mix all ingredients well. Pour by the 1/4 cup-full into a skillet heated on medium heat, lightly oiled. Cook 4-5 min on each side, flipping when pancake looks a bit dry on the edges.
Serve with maple syrup and strawberries.

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