Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like most things in life

Polenta is better the next day served with an egg.
Those people to put on the egg commercials are on to something. The incredible, edible egg, indeed! I swear by eggs making just about any meal better. Especially a meal based around a starch. With some sort of vegetable thing in there, somewhere.
So this morning, when I wanted a real good breakfast, I turned on the broiler, boiled a pot of water on the stove, reheated last night's dinner, and called it Brunch.
A small skillet of last night's creamy polenta with butter and goat gouda, topped with last night's vegetarian chili, under the broiler for 10 minutes until bubbly was topped with a perfectly poached egg, seasoned with salt and pepper, and finished with a dollop of Mr. Ripe's cousin's Christmas Salsa. Wowza.
Talk about brunch!

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