Thursday, May 5, 2011

I know it's not winter but this soup rocks.

Look guys, "It's not winter!" is not a good response to "I'm making soup."
Soup is a year-round food. Maybe not what you want to eat when it's a million degrees out, but we've been in a crisp, cool, lull. The heat hasn't hit us yet. And even when it does, who's to say I won't still be making soup?
I was food blog searching the other day, just seeing what my sites were posting. I like to stop by Cathy Erway's Not Eating Out in New York site, just because, well, you know, I live in New York, and I like to not eat out. She's pretty inspirational (I'm a tad envious of her book deal, but also wanna say You go, girl! as if she were my sister...). Anyway, she had this roast potato leek soup up there, and it sounded like a great idea. I came home tonight and made it with baby kale I bought in bulk at the coop the other day.
The roast potatoes and onions have such a deep flavor, having caramelized for about thirty minutes before having chicken stock added. The baby kale leaves are crisp though cooked through, and have a slightly lemony flavor, standing out it this rustic potato puree as a beacon of brightness.

Super easy to make, doesn't take a lot of ingredients or attention, this one is a sure bet.

2 T olive oil
6 red-skinned potatoes, cut into wedges
2 onions, sliced
6 c chicken or vegetable stock
salt and pepper to taste
2 big handfuls of chopped kale or other hearty green

In a dutch oven or big oven-proof saute pan, toss potatoes and onions in olive oil. Cover and cook in oven on 400 degrees for 30 min. Remove from oven, place on stove top over medium heat. Add stock, salt, and pepper. Cook for another 30 minutes. Puree with hand blender and then add kale. Adjust seasoning and serve!

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